Banshee Networks offers larger organizations or those with a high reliance on technology a number of flexible service plans that provide for assistance with individual projects and issues at an hourly rate as well as more advanced support and strategic services, based-upon an annual or monthly retainer.  Most businesses of this kind have fairly extensive, full-time, technical staff to handle most of their IT needs and we are able to assist with more complex tasks, projects, troubleshooting, security assessments and strategic planning services to ensure regulatory and industry standards compliance along with full risk-assessments and the development of a robust incident response plan (IRP):



Banshee Networks finds that we generally provide the following categories of service to enterprise-class organizations or those who have a high reliance on technology for their operation:


  • Remote and on-site, advanced technical support

  • System maintenance assistance (physical or virtual, file or application servers, network devices, etc.)

  • Installation and configuration of comprehensive disaster recovery systems

  • Implementation of thin-client solutions such as Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

  • Implementation of advanced network configuration such as that for VLAN segmentation, Quality of Service (QOS) for Voice Over IP (VOIP) and other streaming technologies, DHCP redundancy, LLCP link aggregation, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), dynamic routing protocols, etc.

  • Network Management and advanced troubleshooting and resolving a wide array of advanced technical issues that may arise

  • Implementation of new cloud-based and on-premises services for functions like e-mail, customer relationship management (CRM), Accounting/Finance, etc.

  • Installation and configuration of network security devices, such as firewalling, Secure Remote Access (SRA) and content filtering appliances

  • Secure Wi-Fi design, installation and configuration

  • Network penetration testing

  • Implementation of mobile device management (MDM) solutions

  • Strategic planning services such as Incident Response Planning (IRP)

  • Computer forensic services







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