A San Francisco Bay Area firm partnering with organizations to provide specialized computer network planning, design, installation, security, maintenance, troubleshooting, technical investigation and recovery services since 1997 


What sets us apart is that we also provide high-level assistance, insight and guidance in technology-related, strategic planning, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, standards gap-analysis, needs assessment, mitigation planning, incident response, disaster recovery and implementation planning.  The technical solutions that we implement are geared toward meeting strategic requirements at a level that is appropriate for and tailored to the needs of each client.






Banshee Networks provides organizations with extensive expertise in computer networking and technical solution planning, deployment, operation and maintenance.  We also provide advanced troubleshooting, system monitoring and integration services.  Further, we have extensive experience in technical, strategic planning and can offer clients a wide array of related services that will assist them in tailoring their technical capabilities to meet overall, organizational goals.  Additionally, we provide a host of other specialized, technical services such as computer forensics, cyber security and network penetration testing.   We also believe that it is important to fit the solution offerings to the varied requirements of our client-partners, as no two organizations are identical, and this website is designed with this fact in mind.  To view the service offerings that may best fit your requirements, please use our matrix tool below and begin by selecting the option that best matches your current operating environment.  Alternately, solution categories are available for direct selection at the bottom of this page:




Solution Tailoring Matrix


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