Banshee Networks has been deploying Wi-Fi networks since the introduction of equipment using the 802.11a and b technology standards around two decades ago.  We have continued to observe the development of higher-speed standards such as 802.11g/n/ac and beyond (watch out for 802.11ax next) along with increases in range, greater reliability and technological enhancements such as beam forming (which dynamically concentrates signal in the direction of active devices) and MIMO (to provide for higher throughput), along with enhanced security and management.  This latter enhancement is found in the form of centralized, on premises and cloud-based controllers which allow for the management of all Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) across an enterprise and also provides for wireless network segmentation within the same Wi-Fi channels:



Over the years, we have watched Wi-Fi networks move from the realm of novelty to an absolute operational necessity and, when deploying such technology, it is important to choose a solution that fits the organization’s functional and security goals.  A few of the many decision points that clients are faced with during wireless deployments are listed below:



  • Which vendor should we choose, based upon functionality, cost, management model and ease of deployment?

  • Do wireless access points (WAPs) need to be centrally managed or is the application conducive to a less-expensive, standalone configuration?

  • Would it be best to go with a cloud-based option (which may be more expensive over time) for ease of management?

  • Would a centralized, on-premises controller make more fiscal sense, and if so how would we handle fault-tolerance and dynamic fail-over if the primary controller were to fail?

  • Will any signal boosting or repeating be necessary in the deployment scenario?

  • Will meshing technology be required to provide seamless, redundant coverage and provide for dynamic channel-switching, without introducing the risk of signal interference?

  • What types of antennas will be needed to provide full coverage for our facilities (indoor, outdoor, directional, omnidirectional, standard Wi-Fi or long-range)?

  • How can we best isolate and secure private Wi-Fi networks from those that are public?

  • Should we implement a single sign-on solution or would two-factor authentication be best?

  • What form of Wi-Fi encryption and authentication should we use to meet the requirements of each Wi-Fi network?

  • What accommodation and Quality of Service (QOS) considerations might be needed for voice over IP (VOIP) or other real-time, streaming traffic over the Wi-Fi networks?



Banshee Networks works with our clients to navigate through the options and is experienced in deploying and troubleshooting wireless solutions from Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Ruckus Wireless, Aerohive Networks and HP Aruba, among others.  We design and deploy wireless networks to meet the needs of small business offices up to massive distribution centers and warehousing facilities.  The company is also experienced in performing Wireless Site Surveys that assist clients in either determining how many WAPs will be necessary to fully cover a facility along with their optimal placement or, after deployment, to identify any residual “dead zones” where the installation of additional units may be desirable:



We continue to invest in the technology that is required to effectively troubleshoot and resolve complex Wi-Fi issues.  Using advanced, wireless, diagnostic solutions, we are able to identify and resolve connectivity, security and communications issues on Wi-Fi networks.  In addition, we are able to perform spectrum and channel analysis (identifying the best bands for Wi-Fi operation), discover sources of signal interference or “jitter” and locate rogue WAPs to ensure that our clients’ wireless networks operate at peak efficiency.



When your organization is ready to deploy a robust, wireless infrastructure, we’re ready to help!




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