Modern technology is inherently less tethered, more flexible, almost always wireless and data access across disparate operating platforms is becoming ubiquitous.  With all of these advances, each brings a unique challenge to organizations that must still find ways to secure their data, ensure authorized access, protect disseminated assets and secure their systems against the many threats that target mobile devices:



Banshee Networks assists with deploying secure, cloud-based or on-premises, collaborative solutions that span IOS and Android devices, as well as connecting clients with centrally managed, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that provide the following features:



  • The remote erasing or “wiping” of data from a lost or stolen device

  • Remote locking of devices

  • Data encryption

  • Malware threat protection

  • Geolocation tracking of lost or stolen devices

  • Secure communications to private networks via VPN

  • Secure App deployment and policy that can prevent unauthorized applications from running on a device

  • Predefined Wi-Fi and hotspot configuration



By providing a secure operating environment in which to flexibly use mobile devices, organizations increase worker productivity while mitigating the significant risks to corporate data that could result without such safeguards being in place.





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