With exponential increases in the number of cyber-attacks that occur each year, it is imperative that organizations protect their sensitive, digital information using the latest security technologies.  Banshee Networks is responsible for deploying, maintaining and administering a large number of firewalls from premier security vendors and is intimately familiar with solutions to optimize organizational security:


The general categories of cyber security devices that Banshee Networks manages include:


  • Firewall devices

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Devices (IDS/IPS)

  • Content filtering appliances and software solutions

  • Secure Remote Access Appliances

  • Web Application Firewalls

  • Routers/switches that employ Access Control Lists (ACLs)






In addition, we regularly perform the following security-related services for our clients:


  • Review overall organizational security by performing security assessments that involve risk assessment, gap analysis and the reporting of deficiencies

  • Review organizational security policies and procedures; assisting with the modification of existing and the creation of new, as necessary

  • Review, recommend and implement hardware/software solutions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards

  • Design and implement a layered approach to security that involves establishing multiple, distinct, though overlapping, preventative layers of cyber protection

  • Banshee Networks also performs system penetration testing services

  • Banshee Networks provides forensic analysis services

  • Deploy and maintain monitoring and alerting systems to provide appropriate notification when malicious cyber events are detected

  • Determine the placement of security devices within any given topology, in order to optimize the protection that is provided

  •  Administer, reconfigure and document changes to security devices as modifications are required

  • Deploy and maintain two-factor authentication solutions

  • Deploy and maintain both software and appliance-based anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-spam solutions

  • Perform firmware or software updates to keep equipment and software packages current and secure

  • Perform system analysis against hosts and “harden” them by disabling any unnecessary services and protocols that are discovered

  • Design and implement Active Directory, Group Policy security

  • Deploy and configure security devices across the organization

  • Establish secure, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections between main and satellite, office locations




Banshee Networks customizes security solutions to meet the specific needs of each client in order to provide solid, commensurate levels of protection while maximizing value.







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