Gone are the days when organizations might discover a potential intrusion, simply mitigate the exposure and move forward in a business-as-usual fashion.  Current federal and state regulations hold stiff penalties and potential criminal charges for organizations that do not fully investigate security breaches to determine if the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of customers, employees or other classes of individuals were compromised and/or do not provide the required level of notification to those affected.  Beyond the punitive and criminal damages, the associated civil damages and harm to reputation can easily cause an organization to close its doors:


Banshee Networks is experienced in conducting forensic investigations and this line of work requires a high level of rigor and adherence to standards to ensure that legal requirements are met throughout the process.  We use state-of-the-art, court-accepted, forensic tools to perform the acquisition, storage and analysis of forensic data, while also reviewing systems to identify and mitigate attack vectors and exploits that are being used to breach system security, thus preventing further exposure.  Generally speaking, depending on the depth of a particular case, the scope of such investigations may include, though it is not limited to:


  • The identification of attack vectors used to breach or exploit an organization’s systems

  • Mitigation of the identified methods of intrusion to prevent further harm

  • The proper collection, storage and protection of forensic evidence

  • Working with clients to perform required testing and collect additional information and evidence, as necessary

  • Ensuring that evidentiary, custodial requirements are met

  • Performing the analysis of the forensic data to determine the scope of the incident, identify key artifacts, establish time-lines and inventory/document nefarious activity

  • Compile and provide legal counsel with a formal, Forensic Investigation Report for the purpose of drawing legal conclusions and identifying applicable notification requirements, based upon federal and state laws (note that laws from multiple states may also apply depending on the victims’ states of residency)

  • Providing expert testimony


Banshee Networks is pleased to be able to provide the level of expertise and professional sophistication that is required to manage such cases.





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