There are circumstances where outsourcing hosting systems and software on cloud-based servers makes both fiscal and operational sense.  Whether it be executing custom applications on hosted platforms or a service provider handling a specific software package, the types of cloud-based services are as varied as the applications that are available:


Though cloud-computing is becoming an everyday reality for many organizations, hosting-providers can vary significantly in their costs, service levels and the flexibility they are willing to provide to their clients.  Therefore, if an organization teams with the wrong hosting provider or does not select the optimal solution for their operational model, there can be significant cost and operational ramifications.  Banshee Networks provides value to our clients by providing the following services:



  • Identifying the best provider for the service or application that is to be hosted in the cloud.

  • Assessing any regulatory requirements that may apply to the project and ensure that the hosted services are compliant.

  • Determining the cost effectiveness of the cloud services when compared with traditional hosting.

  • Assisting with the transition of applications and services to and from the cloud and ensuring that workers have appropriate access.

  • Reviewing and optimizing the client’s network infrastructure to support remote, cloud computing.

  • Evaluating and implementing Internet connection redundancy to minimize access issues caused by Internet provider outages.

  • Assessing the service provider’s backup scheme to determine if additional methods may need to be employed.

  • Helping our clients to avoid pitfalls and review critical scenarios, such as:

    • What happens if the service provider files Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    • Who owns the client data, based on the service agreement?

    • How can the data be transferred away from the hosting provider and will it be in a usable format?

  • Providing routine, administrative assistance with managing user accounts and resource access.





Additionally, we provide direct hosting options to our clients for mainstream applications such as Office 365, Box, Mozy Pro, etc., along with the required transition assistance necessary to migrate organizations to these services.





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