Two of our specialties are advanced system management and troubleshooting, and we describe these in the same section as we find that it takes the same mindset and suite of talents to expertly perform both of these functions.  Through the implementation of system management technologies, our engineers can ensure that your organization has an “early warning system” that provides concise and actionable intelligence when intermittent symptoms or full-blown system issues arise.  When major problems do arise, Banshee Networks provides our clients with responsive, expert troubleshooting skills, and we utilize the latest diagnostic technologies to efficiently resolve such issues:




In order to make a management system effective, it must not bombard the people who manage it with extraneous information or alerts will eventually be ignored and assumed to be false-positives (the little boy who cried wolf effect).  Therefore, when we deploy a network monitoring/management system, we tailor it so that it focuses its monitoring and notification efforts on the most critical points of the system.  Further, we work with clients to filter out notifications that are extraneous to the specific purpose, intent and reason for the monitoring effort, which further enhances its relevance and effectiveness.  To be successful in this, our engineers have to think critically, anticipating which components most require monitoring and identifying where critical failures are most likely to cause significant service outages so that efforts may be focused in these areas.


Aside from the real-time monitoring and alerting functions, another major purpose for the deployment of such systems is to provide a central repository to record copies of log entries and alerts that are collected from all of the network devices.  Such logs are a requirement for conducting substantive, forensic investigations and are often also mandatory for meeting regulatory or other compliance requirements.  Therefore, management systems need to be evaluated for their notification, logging and  processing capabilities against the number of devices that will be managed, the characteristics of the network that is to be monitored and compliance requirements, prior to deployment.  Banshee Networks regularly performs these and the following services for our clients:



  • Performance of needs assessments to ensure that any current or proposed monitoring/notification systems will meet the clients’ requirements.

  • Deployment of centralized management systems based upon the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) along with the Management Information Bases (MIBS) required for the management of specific devices.

  • Configuring the monitored devices, creating visual device maps and setting the alerting, notification and monitoring parameters on the SNMP management system

  • Configuration of remote system monitoring (RMON) on network components

  • Configuration of devices to securely report alerts and event “traps” to the SNMP management station

  • Configuration of logging via the SYSLOG facilities and associated log file retention settings

  • Configuration of network devices and firewalls to permit the secure transmission of traps and notifications to the authorized management station

  • Configuring real-time bandwidth monitoring of critical network devices

  • Configuring protocol and traffic analysis reporting through the use of sFlow® and NetFlow® technologies





When issues do arise, Banshee Networks provides the resources to effectively isolate and resolve complex, technical problems.  We continue to invest in advanced diagnostic tools that expedite troubleshooting efforts by quickly identifying the cause of wired and wireless, data communications issues due to physical media problems, protocol errors, voltage issues or software application malfunctions.  The diagnostic technologies that we use include advanced packet sniffers/network protocol analyzers, copper and fiber line testing equipment, along with wireless spectrum and channel analyzing hardware and software.









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