Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Banshee Networks was founded in 1997 to bring specialized information technology (IT) services to large and mid-sized organizations while delivering full-service offerings to smaller firms.  The goal was to provide a robust set of services that could be leveraged by a wide spectrum of clients, across multiple industries and this has led to our ability to meet the varied, technical needs of a large number of commercial organizations and municipal agencies.

For over two decades, we have continued to analyze IT-related changes, trends and developments in order to offer our clients the solutions that they require to meet emerging challenges.  The expansion of regulatory and industry standards requirements, the increased risks of system intrusion along with the need for related data forensics services, the increased options for network infrastructure deployment and the advancement of wireless technologies are just a few examples of areas where our company has focused resource in order to provide tangible value to our clients.

At their highest level, our services are designed to leverage technology to realize our clients’ operational and fiscal goals, while providing required protections and meeting a wide range of compliance standards.  Above all, we continue to focus on providing quality service to our clients with the goal of solidifying long-term relationships with each.

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